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Warrior Life

Award-winning host Pam Palmater, Mi’kmaw lawyer, author & activist shares the stories of Indigenous warriors and activists on the front lines of protecting Indigenous lands, peoples, and cultures.

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Criminals on Patrol

The Criminals on Patrol podcast delves into the corruption and criminal activities within law enforcement, challenging the “few bad apples” narrative. The host, Dr. Pam Palmater, draws from extensive research and firsthand accounts to expose systemic failures and lack of accountability. It aims to educate and advocate for justice, resonating with truth-seekers and supporters of impacted communities.

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Warrior Kids Podcast

The Warrior Kids Podcast explores the importance of Indigenous identities, cultures and stories, highlighting their wisdom and contributions. This one-of-a-kind, award-winning kids’ podcast serves as a catalyst for meaningful change, inspiring listeners to take concrete steps towards protecting all living things on Turtle Island.

Kids Listen
Award: 2021 Imagine Native Winner.
Award: Mom's Choice Awards. Honoring Excellence.
Award: Common Sense Selection. Families.
Best Drama Podcast. EchoNation. Creatively Sound Season 4. 2022.