Samqwan: Water

This is a short documentary about the current threats to our water systems from the extractive industry bolstered by politicians. The only way to save the water is for Canadians and Americans to join with Indigenous peoples while we protect the water for all life on Mother Earth. The film is set within the context of Mi’kma’ki – Mi’kmaw territory on my reserve of Eel River Bar First Nation.

Best Ecology Film
Short Film Festival
Best Short Documentary
French International Modern Film and Script Festival
Best Cinematography
FEEDBACK Female Film Festival (FFFF)
Honourable Mention
Big Blue Film Festival

Until Our Hearts Are on the Ground

Until Our Hearts Are on the Ground is an Indigenous documentary directed by Dawn Lavell-Harvard (Wikwemikong First Nation) and co-produced by Warrior Life Studios Inc., and The Digitalist Productions. Our Hearts is the powerful story of Indigenous women activists fighting for equality under Canada’s Indian Act through protests, legal challenges and determined advocacy. For over 150 years, the Indian Act has discriminated against First Nation women and their children in an attempt to end the so-called “Indian problem” through the targeted, forced assimilation of First Nation women. Audiences will be inspired by the unwavering commitment by Indigenous women activists who refused to give up; who refused to let their hearts be forced to the ground. Indigenous women who started the fight are joined by the next generation of Indigenous women who carry on the fight for justice and equality, each sharing their personal journeys, challenges and triumphs. Their work which has spanned decades, has brought tens of thousands of First Nation women and children back to their home communities.

  • Dawn Lavell-Harvard is a member of Wiikwemkoong First Nation and director of the film.
  • Pam Palmater is the President and CEO of Warrior Life Studios, Inc., a 100% Indigenous-owned and operated production company that shares the stories of Indigenous peoples all over Canada and the United States.
  • Mark Peachey is the head of The Digitalist Productions, focused on creating superior brand content for film and television.



Mi’kmaq is the powerful story of L’nuk – the people of Mi’kma’ki – and how we have survived 500 years of colonization, the theft of our lands and resources, and the attempted genocide of our people. The documentary follows Mi’kmaw lawyer, professor and author, Pam Palmater, who travels throughout Mi’kma’ki to learn from Mi’kmaw leaders, traditional healers, community activists, and land defenders, about the stories and teachings passed down from our ancestors, as well as the lived experiences of those pushing back against further loss of land, culture and sovereignty.

This documentary is currently in the research, planning and filming stage and will be produced by Warrior Life Studios Inc., led by the artistic vision and passion of Mi’kmaw filmmaker, Pam Palmater from Eel River Bar First Nation, one of the First Nations that make up the Mi’kmaw Nation.